The FSC Policies Task Force has issued an updated Code of Ethics and a Consent Checklist as part of an ongoing effort to better tackle harassment, discrimination, and consent violation in the adult industry.

The FSC Policies Task Force reconvened this year as a collaboration of leaders from across the industry, including APAC Board Members Katy Jayne, Tim Woodman, and Janice Griffith; performer and podcaster Sovereign Syre; CEO Alison Boden; owner Lance Hart; First Amendment attorney Reed Lee; FSC Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas, FSC Executive Director Michelle L. LeBlanc, and the FSC staff.  

The Consent Checklist is designed to serve as a companion tool to improve communication on all shoots, from studio productions to content trades. Task Force members from APAC were instrumental in the creation of this checklist, which is based on one developed by The Task Force hopes to set a standard for the discussions that should be had prior to production.

FSC created the Code of Ethics to promote responsible business practices and ensure the safety of the adult community and the longevity of the adult industry. The update includes standards regarding workplace violence and sexual assault, racial inequity, and sex workers’ rights.

“We want to honor the work of the activists in our industry pushing for change and the companies that have responsible business practices by clearly establishing our principles and boundaries in the new Code of Ethics,” says LeBlanc. “This lays the foundation for the work to come, as we develop policies, protocols, and programs that better serve the needs of all in our industry.”

Next, the FSC Task Force will focus on developing a reporting and arbitration system for addressing workplace complaints, including harassment, assault, and racial discrimination.

“Many performers we’ve spoken with have discussed how few workable options exist for those who want to report incidents on adult sets,” says LeBlanc. “Law enforcement and regulators are often biased or uninterested, and individual producers can fail to take complaints seriously — leaving social media as the only outlet. The Task Force is working toward a restorative justice model that can resolve issues and improve conditions across the board.”

The Code of Ethics and Consent Checklist can be found at Those who are interested in being part of the FSC Task Force should contact