Performers who tested at PASS Certified clinics between June 12 and August 31 will receive reimbursement checks that cover nearly the full cost of testing, according to FSC PASS administrator Ian O’Brien. Checks will be sent out today, September 14.

“The benefits of testing in PASS have never been greater,” says O’Brien. “Performers who tested in PASS since June will see the biggest reimbursement checks we’ve ever sent, a trend we expect to continue for the near term. We hope this encourages even more people to return to work on PASS-compliant sets.”

The Performer Subsidy Fund (PSF) helps offset the cost of testing for performers. The majority of the PSF comes from a $10,000 monthly donation from Mindgeek, with other companies and individuals contributing in smaller amounts or less regularly. Each month, the total amount donated is divided by the number of tests taken, and checks are allocated accordingly.

The limited number of productions since the industry reopened, coupled with a temporary reduction in tests coming through PASS Certified clinics has meant that reimbursement checks will be six times the normal amount, covering $150 per test.

“We’re excited to come close to our goal of providing full reimbursement for testing,” says O’Brien. “We look forward to the day when we can secure enough monthly donations to make full reimbursement permanent.”

To donate to the PSF, please visit FSC’s website.