Security is key when you’re dealing with your personal content. You never want to risk a leak, so we’ve checked in with the FanCentro Support team to learn all about what you should be doing to keep your most valuable assets protected.

Make Your (Water)mark

Watermarking is a must-have when you’re creating online content. The internet is a big place, and watermarking can go a long way toward protecting you and your content. Think of a watermark as a map that leads right to you. Fans who see content that they like will want more of it, and a watermark can help direct traffic back to your page if your content is ever stolen.
Let’s check out an example: say someone screen-records your content and posts it on a torrent or tube site. While it sucks to have your content pilfered, when fans see that content, they’re also going to see your watermark (which should include the URL to your profile or your domain name). Having that watermark front and center means that there is a good chance that some of that traffic will head to your URL to check out more of what you have to offer. Cha-ching! You now have new potential buyers.

DMCA is the Way

DMCA protection is one of the best types of insurance you can have when you’re selling content online. Not only is it super simple to get, it’s also a small price to pay to know that your content is protected. DMCA protection means that you have a service scanning the web for unauthorized use of your content. If they find it, they’ll help you have it taken down. In the same vein, you can enlist the help of your DMCA provider if you happen to find your content anywhere it shouldn’t be. Simply provide them with your links so they can request that the stolen content be removed. You can purchase DMCA protection from sites like

Drop the Box

Sharing your content via Dropbox and Google Drive is seriously risky and can easily result in thieves grabbing your goods. Hackers are always looking for (and finding!) new ways to steal content, which means there is a constant back and forth struggle. You can be sure that if developers come up with a new way to protect your content, pirates will find a new scheme to steal it. But if you sell ‘folder’ access, like Dropbox or Google Drive, they don’t need to work to steal your content: you’re handing them the opportunity to bulk-download it. Skip the folders and stick to more secure methods of selling.

Use FanCentro (And We’re Not Just Saying That!)

The FanCentro team has worked super-hard to come up with a platform that will help you to not only sell your content, but to do so safely. FanCentro allows you to store and present your content through features such as Clips or the Feed, not to mention private social media accounts, and selling it is simple and secure. We offer many amazing features to help you create a content buffet for your fans so they can purchase it any way they choose..

Nothing is 100% safe in today’s online world. Hackers are a tricky bunch, but you can stay one step ahead of them by making an effort to protect the valuable content that you spent your time on. It’s up to you to make sure that your content is working hard to make you money!

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