Newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett aims to strip away all of the womxn’s equality & reproductive rights previous SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsberg worked so hard to ensure womxn like her were granted to get ahead in life.


Sex workers, including porn stars, are worried about the Supreme Court confirmation hearings currently underway for Amy Coney Barrett—and with good reason.

The right-wing, devout Catholic judge is well-known to be an enemy of Roe. v. Wade. Her appointment to the nation’s highest court will contribute to a 6-3 conservative supermajority. But her conservatism about what people can do with their bodies doesn’t end with abortions—her deeply held Catholic beliefs hold a pretty dim view of most sex that isn’t purely for procreation. Which is to say—almost everything that goes on in the sex industry. She’s also vocally in favor of dismantling the Affordable Care Act, where most freelancers in the US, from humble freelance writers like myself to innumerable OnlyFans models and studio porn performers, turn for health insurance.


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