“Candi Girl” Carmichael had walk-on roles in a couple of Girlfriends productions, but her other main contribution to the company was as a set decorator.


LOS ANGELES—The last time this author heard from Candace Collene “Candi Girl” Carmichael was in the Spring of 2018, when she IM’d, “OK IM GONNA KICK SOME CHEMO ASS IN THE MORNING !! WHOOT WHOOT” and a few days later, “Coming out of round 2 of chemo…..WHEW !! This is a rough ride…I aint gonna lie…but im hangin’ in there !!” The cancer she referenced was mesothelioma, possibly contracted from inhaling asbestos fibers during her days as a house painter before picking up a camera and becoming one of the main videographers for Girlfriends Films between roughly 2007 and 2012. She passed peacefully at home on the morning of October 14. She was 50 years old.


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