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11 Jan

Free Speech Coalition to Host “Post Prop 60” Political Panel on Thursday

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition will host a crucial all-industry roundtable on Thursday, Jan 12, to discuss the political and regulatory challenges facing the adult industry this year. The roundtable discussion is crucial for anyone doing business in ...

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18 Nov

To The Adult Industry, Under A Trump Administration

The adult industry has never been an easy fit for either the political left or the political right. We were the advance troops of the sexual revolution, and are thus the first to take fire under a backlash — whether ...

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10 Oct

“Yes on 60” Condom Cops To Target Married Couples Filming At Home

SACRAMENTO — Married couples filming with each other in the privacy of their own home could be sued and fined for not using a condom if Proposition 60 passes, says the Free Speech Coalition, citing an interview today with Prop ...

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07 Oct

All Seven of California’s Largest Newspapers Oppose Prop 60

Seven Largest California Papers Oppose Prop 60, the Adult Film Initiative   “Condom Cop” Initiative Would Give Proponent Ability to Sue, Harass Thousands of Adult Performers   LOS ANGELES — In a rare show of unanimity, each of California’s seven largest ...

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19 Sep

Wrong Again! AHF Files Harassment Complaint About ‘Foreign Donations’ Without Doing Homework

PROP 60 Backers Confuse Florida’s Global Personals, LLC with completely unrelated UK Company LOS ANGELES — Yesterday, AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Whitney Engeran-Cordova filed a complaint against No on 60 Campaign alleging it had taken $75,000 in illegal contributions from a foreign ...

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