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Dealing With Real Estate COVID-19 Chaos (XBIZ)

Winston Hines, broker in charge of HWH Properties, is a licensed commercial real estate and business broker, specializing in the purchase and sale of adult nightclubs and stores throughout the U.S. for over 20 years.  Winston discusses the layered challenges that come...

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What is the COVID-19 Infection Risk in Your Area?

Rising COVID-19 rates in production hubs including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and South Florida have resulted in a roll-back of reopening plans in those areas. As we stated last week, we can not offer any guarantees that adult film production can operate safely. However,...

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Adult Industry COVID-19 Production Warning

Adult film production hubs are seeing a renewed and unprecedented risk for transmission of COVID-19.  Yesterday morning, the Los Angeles County health department called the rise in transmission ‘alarming,’ and estimated that 1 in 140 residents carries the virus and...

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Announcing the COVID-19 Guidelines

FSC’s Preliminary Health and Safety Guidelines for Adult Film Production Are Now Available Since late April, the FSC COVID-19 Task Force has met twice a week — as well as spoken with advisory groups of producers, performers, and medical experts — to discuss benchmarks...

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FAQ for COVID-19 Modifications to PASS

Is PASS Panel clearance the same as COVID-19 clearance? No. We’ve included a new field, separate from the PASS Panel clearance, titled “Last Neg. COVID-19 Result”. This field shows the date of the last non-reactive COVID-19 test results, and the number of days since...

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