Why to join FSC

The Free Speech Coalition is the national trade association to the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry. Its mission is to lead, protect and support the growth and well being of the adult entertainment community.

Grow your Network and Business

The Free Speech Coalition membership base includes representatives of almost every major company in the adult pleasure product, retail, distribution, and entertainment production industry, as well as top performers, legal experts, marketing minds, and media outlets. We are not only the first line of defense in protecting your business, we’re also an incredible resource for growing and expanding it. In addition to members only information and events, the Free Speech Coalition can help connect or recommend the right people to help you improve your business.

Enhance your Reputation

As a member of the Free Speech Coalition, you’re in good company. The Free Speech Coalition is made up of the leaders of the adult pleasure products and film industry, and FSC members follow a code of ethics. When you sign on as an FSC member, and display the “FSC approved Member” certificate on your website, it’s a signal to others that you’re a reputable, dependable business partner.

Protect Your Business & Tap Into Knowledge

As adult business owners, we’ve learned to be independent and iconoclastic. That’s a strength. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to the knowledge and history of others like you. Whether it’s our powerful PASS protocols, bloodborne pathogen plan, 2257 software, or preferential access to attorneys, tax, payroll or HR professionals, the FSC has a huge repository of knowledge and experience that can save you time and trouble.

For Example:


Free Speech Coalition members have access to the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerage. Lockton can assist FSC members to obtain employee health insurance, property & casualty, Directors & Officers, ELPI, Worker’s Compensation or other forms of business insurance. This allows our members to receive Fortune 100 services.


Free Speech Coalition members have access to ZEI2257 at $150-$300 below the regular retail price. ZEI2257 is quickly becoming the industry standard in software for management of complex compliance issues related to the enactment of 18 U.S.C. § 2257, as well as other associated legislation requiring content producers to maintain accurate record-keeping.

Preferred Pricing and Strategic Partnerships

As the largest assemblage of adult businesses in the world, the Free Speech Coalition has the power to secure deals that an individual small business is unable to do on its own. That means as an FSC member, you can get preferred pricing with payment processors, access to banks and credit unions, and numerous other ways to increase your purchasing power.  

For Example:

FECU_logo_color_square-300x300Free Speech Coalition members and their families can now access First Entertainment Credit Union for their personal and business banking needs. This first-time affiliation between FSC and First Entertainment is an important members’ benefit, providing adult entertainment and pleasure product industry members with valuable services and resources.

Century_Business_Card_ServicesCentury Bankcard Services representative Gina Phillips offers Free Speech Coalition members competitive rates and an additional 10 percent discount for their merchant banking needs. Chargeback ratios, financial strength, monthly volume and how product is delivered determine specific rates. Clients will have their own merchant numbers.

The Best Defense

In the nearly three decades since the Free Speech Coalition was formed, we’ve fought back and won against censorship and ignorance, nationally and internationally. As a member of the FSC, your battles become our battles, whether that’s hot button issues of today, like discriminatory regulations for lubricants, zoning fights for adult retail, corporate censorship, anti-adult film regulation, piracy, or counterfeit products. As the trade association for adult businesses, we have access to and regularly meet with legislators and regulators, newspaper editorial boards, medical experts and lobbyists. As a member of the FSC, you’ll be part of the most powerful and influential voice for adult in the world. We are in this battle together, but we can’t do it without you. The adult industry is facing challenges on multiple fronts, nationally and internationally. We have the ability to fight and win, as we’ve done so many times in the past, but only if we band together. United we stand, divided we fall.