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Let us help guide you, make introductions, and be a resource – enabling you and your business to become another ethical leader of our industry.

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Our membership base includes representatives of every sector and almost every major company in the adult industry. Whether you are a business or an industry worker: We are not only the first line of defense in protecting your business, we’re also an incredible resource for growing and expanding it.


The FSC is made up of the leaders of the adult pleasure products and film industry, and FSC members follow the industry code of ethics. When you join the coalition, and display the “FSC approved Member” certificate on your website, it’s a signal to others that you’re a reputable, dependable business partner.


Protect your business by tapping into collective knowledge – Whether it’s our powerful PASS protocols, bloodborne pathogen plan, 2257 software, or preferential access to attorneys, tax, payroll or HR professionals, the FSC has a huge repository of knowledge and experience that can save you time and trouble.


Free Speech Coalition has the power to secure deals that an individual small business is unable to do on its own, so as an FSC member, you can get preferred pricing with payment processors, access to banks and credit unions, and numerous other ways to increase your purchasing power.

The Best Defense

As a member of the FSC, your battles become our battles. As the trade association, we have access to and regularly meet with legislators and regulators, newspaper editorial boards, medical experts and lobbyists. As a member of the FSC, you’ll be part of the most powerful and influential voice for adult in the world. We are in this battle together, but we can’t do it without you. The adult industry is facing challenges on multiple fronts, nationally and internationally. We have the ability to fight and win, as we’ve done so many times in the past, but only if we band together. United we stand, divided we fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Levels

There are different levels for the monthly Membership types. All memberships are annual paid in monthly increments.

The Business / Corporate Membership tiers are:
$1,250 Diamond
$750 Platinum
$375 Gold
$200 Silver
$100 Bronze

The individual Consumer Advocate and Industry Professional Membership tiers are:
$100 Hero
$50 Leader
$25 Advocate
$10 Activist
$5 Supporter

Membership Level Differences

As a trade association we remain neutral among our members and offer no preferential treatment in regards to the issues we fight, advocacy we engage in, and resources we provide to those who can afford to pay more.

There are only two differentiations:

  1. We do offer our business / corporate members different levels of public visibility on our site, newsletters, and tradeshow materials.
  2. Both business / corporate and industry professional memberships have voting rights for the annual election of the organization’s board of directors. Consumer Advocates do not receive voting privileges.
Payment Options

FSC memberships are paid by recurring monthly billing to your credit card or paypal account. If you prefer to pay by check, pay for the entire year in one go, or have any other queries please do contact us directly.

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