New to the Industry

As of yet, there’s no handbook for how to become successful in the adult entertainment industry, which is why part of the mission of our organization is to ensure those working in adult entertainment have the resources and support they need to succeed. Joining the Free Speech Coalition inducts you into an organization with a rich history of victories against prejudice, shame, and censorship. By supporting our work, you are participating in an important tradition within the adult industry, and contributing to your own future success.

Our members all ascribe to the FSC Code of Ethics and the APAC Bill of Rights, which means that when you work with #FSCfamily, you know you’re doing business responsibly. When you become an FSC member, your reputation and connections will increase by leaps and bounds. Whether you are looking to launch a multi-platform adult business or just considering turning on a webcam to make some extra spending money, we can help.

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