Industry Code of Ethics


The FSC Industry Code of Ethics is a set of guidelines, adhered to by FSC members, in order to promote high business standards and responsible business practices. When you see the FSC COE emblem (at left), this is a cue to colleagues and consumers that tells them they’re dealing with a business they can trust. Please contact us for more information about the FSC Code of Ethics program.


For companies that subscribe to a responsible, ethical approach to pleasure products and adult entertainment:

1. Respecting Self Determination: Adults have the innate right to make their own informed decisions regarding their bodies, their sexual behavior and their consumption of sexual entertainment and information.

FSC members:

1.1. Take reasonable steps to prevent unwanted exposure of graphic adult entertainment through the use of warnings or other appropriate technologies.

1.2. Respect the right of individuals and businesses to block adult material in their homes and workplaces, and encourage adult websites to provide links to, and otherwise facilitate, the use of end-user filtering tools.

1.3. Develop and promulgate policies regarding such matters as health testing and safer sex practices, including informing and educating adult performers in advance of the nature of their work and any risks involved.

1.4. Recognize that performers retain the right to discontinue a video shoot or other performance if they express a reluctance to continue.

2. Protecting Minors: The adult entertainment and pleasure products industry recognizes its obligation to take every reasonable precaution to work with, and exhibit to, adults only.

FSC members:

2.1 Ensure by proper documentation that all performers and employees are of legal age.

2.2 Support parental empowerment and take appropriate steps to help parents and guardians control minors’ access to adult products and content, without restraining access by consenting adults. These steps include support for end user filtering techniques.

2.3 Do not market adult products and content to minors, and take reasonable measures to discourage affiliates and other surrogates from doing likewise on their behalf.

2.4 Do not convey the impression that models or performers are actually underage.

3. Safeguarding Privacy: Consumer and employee trust requires that confidential behavior and information be steadfastly protected.

FSC members:

3.1. Safeguard the identities and billing records of present, former and prospective consumers of adult material.

3.2. Alert consumers to any surveillance or other activities that would alter a reasonable expectation of privacy.

3.3. Keep secure all confidential employee and independent contractor records, such as legal names, contact numbers and medical information.

3.4. Make clear to employees and independent contractors that an unreasonable breach of confidential consumer information, or confidential information about employees or independent contractors, is grounds for dismissal and/or legal action.

4. Implementing Professional Business Practices: Adult entertainment and pleasure products businesses should adopt business practices comparable to those generally accepted in other similar industries.

FSC members:

4.1. Understand that adult performers are the heart of the adult entertainment industry and ensure their professional treatment, both on and off the set.

4.2. Use performance and other service contracts and model releases that are clearly written and properly tailored to the circumstances.

4.3 Encourage performers and other industry professionals to review and understand contractual language before signing.

4.4. Protect and observe intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks and copyrights.

4. 5. Promote fair competition among industry professionals in an environment of rapidly evolving technologies and business models.

5. Promoting Social Responsibility: Adult businesses and professionals understand that advancing the public welfare is good for the industry and good for the greater community.

FSC members:

5.1. Promote dissemination of accurate information about responsible adult sexuality to both industry performers and consumers.

5.2. Encourage thorough testing and evaluation of sexual products by manufacturers and set high quality and safety standards for such products.

5.3. Seek mutually respectful, productive relationships with community groups, such as schools, religious and civic organizations, chambers of commerce, charities, special-event boards and government.

5.4. Act as good neighbors by being attentive to the sensitivities of others and by using good judgment when planning activities, advertising, signage and displays visible to the public.

6. Enhancing the Industry and its Professions: Industry professionals should work to strengthen the public’s trust and respect for the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry and for liberty of expression generally.

FSC members:

6.1. As opportunities arise, advocate responsibly for the industry and those who contribute to it.

6.2. Advocate for the constitutionally grounded rights of adults to make their own decisions regarding private sexual behavior and to participate in free and robust expression – including sexual expression.

6.3. Keep informed about evolving creative, business, technical and legal practices in the industry.

6.4. Counsel employees and independent contractors in responsible practices and decision-making, and make professional behavior a job requirement.

6.5. Freely share best-practice information with one another.

7. Honoring Product Ownership: Adult pleasure product and entertainment businesses will refrain from benefiting from counterfeit products or pirated content.