Industry Newcomer Support Program

Starting out in this business can be daunting, but FSC and its members are here to help. Historically, peer to peer mentorship has been the foundation on which many successful careers in the adult industry are based. There are a myriad of details and nuances specific to the adult industry and the many facets within it. Every approach is slightly different, as there is no formal blueprints for success in adult entertainment, which is why the forthcoming Industry Newcomer Support Program (INSPIRE) is designed to connect those just starting out in the industry with advice and resources from those who are already well established.

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Licensed Talent Agents

Whether newcomer or experienced performer: it is important that you choose a licensed talent agent.

To be compliant with possessing a legal Talent Agency license, you MUST have a State approved Talent Agency License, with a TA number and hold a VALID $50,000 bond.This bond and license allows you to work with entertainers of all industries mainstream and adult. If your agent does NOT possess this license and bond, then they are NOT legally allowed to represent and book work for entertainers. Below, in alphabetical order, are the current licensed and bonded agents with LATATA. Feel free to contact LATATA for any further information that you may need.

You can check Licenses here:




360 Models is the premier talent agency that represents female models of all types who are interested in working in the adult industry. Strategic marketing and PR gives our models the opportunity to build a career and make a lucrative income. Our office is located in the heart of XXX valley.
360 Models represents female talent of all types.

360 Models Agency
Canoga Park, CA

License: TA-000219207

Corey Carnes, Lead Agent
Tel.: (818) 999-3600

Isiah James IV, Agent/Publicist
Tel.: (818) 999-3600

Fred T., Agent
Tel.: (818) 999-3600

Founded in 2006, ATMLA has grown to become one of the largest leading Adult Talent Agencies in the Los Angeles Area.  In 2012, Mark Schechter purchased ATMLA and became the sole owner.  ATMLA’s goal and mission statement is to maintain an honest, integrity minded talent agency and maintain desired relationships with the industry professionals including performers and production companies and crew.
ATMLA represents female and male talent.

Adult Talent Managers LA (ATMLA)
Woodland Hills, CA

License: TA-000233689

Mark Schechter, Owner
Tel: (949) 283-2817


Since 2010 Motley Models has focused on building an agency that cultivates new talent and manages established stars with ethical guidance ensuring each model is treated with respect and professionalism every step of the way.
Motley Models represents motivated female talent only.

Motley Models
Woodland Hills, CA

License: TA-000214519

Dave Rock
Cell: 818.388.3322
Tel: 818.483.6525
Fax: 818.483.236


NEXXXT LEVEL is a boutique style adult talent agency, who’s single focus is achieving the highest level of success for the clients they represent. Created by two award winning adult directors, Andre Madness and Jonathan Morgan, both serve to pass along their combined experience of over 50 years in the Adult Industry.
At NEXXXT LEVEL we only represent professional minded performers ( both male & female ), who are looking for the highest quality of advice, guidance and management in their adult career.

Nexxxt Level Talent Agency
Los Angeles, CA

License: TA-000226134

Andre Madness – Co-Founder
Cell: (818) 383-8147

Jonathan Morgan – Co-Founder
Cell: (818) 326-7001

Tel: (747)-444-9840

There are many talent agencies out there to choose from… we are different– why? We have a strategic partnership with one of the top Internet company’s and an in-house PR company at your disposal. Our goal is to develop a web presence for our select models and give them the ability to generate additional income through official personalized websites, live webcam shows and more. Additionally, we keep them on top of their game and in the press with interviews, magazine placements and more. OC Modeling is the full package and an exclusive opportunity.
OC Modeling helps provide a roster of attractive male and female models of all types, who are interested in working in the Adult film industry. We provide a chance for everyone to make excellent money and build a life time career. Models can be booked for various kinds of shoots ranging from lingerie to swimsuit to Adult video and we will build your website for you.

OC Modeling (OCM)
Los Angeles, CA

License: TA-000233216

Sandra McCarthy
Executive Senior Partner
Operations Manager
Cell: (818) 298-6939

Skyn Talents’ primary objective, at it’s core, is to simply showcase great work. Great work may come from a first time model you’ve never heard of or may even be your favorite award winning performer. Skyn Talent will be bold, push boundaries, and challenge what’s true about the Adult modeling industry today and what it can potentially grow to become tomorrow.

Skyn Talent currently only represents female talent.


Skyn Talent
Las Vegas, NV

License: TA-000223539

Gregg Dodson, Co-Owner
Tel: (424) 375-7596

Society 15 is an adult boutique talent agency whose primary focus is to help talent build their brand and sustain long-term growth and success. Owned by Kendra Lust, one of the top performers in adult, our agency aims to put talents’ needs first while working with only reputable and established production companies.

Society 15 represents female talent and male talent.


Society 15
Chatsworth, CA

License: TA-000223539

Randy, Manager
Tel: (310) 801-1990

Rita, Manager
Tel: (818) 928-5189

Spiegler Girls represents some of the most well-known female performers in the adult industry.
Spiegler Girls represents female talent only.

Spiegler Girls, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

License: TA-000234191

Mark Spiegler, Owner
Tel: (818) 326-5403

The VIP Connect represent female and male talent.

The VIP Connect
Los Angeles, CA

License: TA-000236129

Shy Love, Owner
Tel: (702) 462-8755
Tel: (818) 518-1111
Cell: (818) 464-8044

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