Performer Rights & Consent Forms Consent Forms

FSC applauds the efforts by to improve conversations about consent in our industry by releasing their internal consent checklists and shooting protocols. Kink’s well-respected checklists and protocols can now be used by any production, from softcore romance to advanced BDSM shoot, to create a safer, more consensual, more authentic production.

We’re proud to include a download link to their basic checklist, as well as a link to their Model Rights document. But as these protocols are always evolving, we recommend you visit the consent resource page, where you’ll find more checklists, and a guide to using them.

We hope guidelines like this help our members design their own protocols. If you have a protocol or system that’s worth mentioning, we’d love to see it. The more options we can give our members, the stronger and safer an industry we can be.


APAC Model Bill of Rights

& Professional Code of Conduct

FSC members endorse and are asked to display the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee’s (APAC) Model Bill of Rights and Professional Code of Conduct. The goal of these documents is to educate performers and producers about their rights, encourage professionalism and understanding between co-workers on-set.

The national trade association, FSC, strongly endorses and supports the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that APAC awards to performers and workers in our industry.