Performer Subsidy Fund

The Performer Subsidy Fund (PSF) provides financial support to adult film performers to help subsidize up to three industry standard compliant tests (see PASS) per month.

The PSF was initiated in 2012 by adult film producers, and paid out $120,000 in donations made by Mindgeek directly to performers in 2017.

One hundred percent of the funds contributed to the PSF are divided into equal portions, and dispersed to each enrolled performer based on the number of times they tested through PASS during that month.

Performers are paid per the number of times tested. If a performer tests twice in one month he/she will receive subsidy for two tests. The amount will vary from month to month, depending on how many performers tested each month, how often, and how many requested subsidies.

If subsidy e-checks go uncashed, the funds are returned to the PSF after 90 days for disbursement in the next subsidy cycle.

All performers are eligible, and payments arrive every two months, usually on the 2nd Monday, via e-mail through secure online e-checks from Deluxe.

Those interested in signing up for the PSF need simply to sign up at a participating testing facility.

If you have questions, please contact FSC at (818) 348-9373 or