Public Health Policy Advisory Board


The mission of the Public Health Policy Advisory Board is three-fold:

  1. To support the development and evaluation of public health policy that affects the adult industry;
  2. To generate and support initiatives which advance sexual and reproductive health and education within the adult industry;
  3. To generate and support initiatives which advance sexual and reproductive health and education for the general public.


This Public Health Advisory Board will support existing efforts for health and safety in the adult industry. The Board will take a proactive role in shaping and participating in the global discourse regarding sexual and reproductive health. This Board recognizes that the adult industry faces considerable stigma from policymakers and interest groups, and that this stigma is not reflected in the general public’s growing interest in sexual health. The science and public health-based activities of the Board will contribute to the health and safety of workers and community members within the adult industry, as well as the public at large.

Members of the Public Health Policy Advisory Committee


Maxine Holloway, MPH

Maxine is a sex worker, sex educator and pornographer. Since 2008 she has been conspiring with the Bay Area’s hottest, queerest and baddest to bring you the cream of kinky events, provocative performances, educational classes, and intersectional activism. Holloway is certified in Sex-Education and HIV/STI Prevention, and holds a masters degree in public health at San Francisco State University. Her work and activism focuses on the health, safety and human rights of sex workers. Emphasizing on guiding institutional organizations in centralizing sex worker voice when researching, and developing interventions and policy about sex work. In 2014 Holloway founded the Ask First Campaign to raise awareness about consent in public spaces, and has recently expanded the campaign to serve San Francisco college campuses. She has developed HIV/STI prevention educational resources specifically for the porn and kink communities. She was awarded the 2016 SOMArts curatorial residency, and is developing Whore Stories, a visual art exhibit sharing the history and stories of Bay Area sex workers. Holloway advocates for sex worker justice through the ever-intersecting avenues of activism, community organizing, political advocacy, and art.


Dylan Ryan, MPH MSW

Dylan Ryan is an adult performer with over ten years of experience in the industry.  She is also a social worker and holds a double bachelors degree and Masters in Social Work where she completed her thesis research on the rise of feminist pornography and studied the intersections of sex work and social work.  This work was published in “The Feminist Porn Book.”  Dylan’s work and writing has also been published on CNN, Huntington Post, Jezebel in Bitch Magazine and The Rumpus. Professionally outside of adult performance, Dylan has more than two decades of work in Public and Mental Health and has been employed in the government, private and non-profit sectors working to improve the working and living conditions for sex workers of all backgrounds and experiences.  Passionate about equality and shifting the pervasiveness of shame and sexual conservationism, Dylan is pursing the road to a PhD and further utilizing academic research to shatter stereotypes and create political and cultural change.