Cal OSHA Regulation

We won against poorly written Cal/OSHA regulations:

Yes, we can win. On February 18th over 100 performers and industry workers showed up to plead with the Standards Board to vote against the proposed regulations and to not endanger the lives and livelihoods of industry workers. The Standards Board voted 3 in favor and 2 against, which resulted in the regulation being dismissed as 4 votes in favor were needed. A second motion sided with the industry and we are now in the process of building regulations that will support, protect, and serve our industry workers based on the successful self-regulations that have protected us for over a decade.

A few examples of what the AHF inspired regulation would have led to:

– Condoms required for all anal, vaginal and oral sex

– “Dental Dams” must be used for oral sex on a woman or rimming

– No facials can be shot unless goggles are worn

– Producers must keep performers medical records for thirty years

– Failure to comply can result in fines of up to $25K per violation, in addition to court costs.

– Producers must pay for all STI tests and maintain medical records

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