#NoProp60 – The Weinstein Anti-Porn Initiative

What is Prop. 60?

Prop 60. is a California ballot initiative that violates performer privacy and weakens workplace safety. The proponents say it will protect workers, but if passed, it will incentivize any Californian to sue adult film performers and workers when a condom is not visible.

This dangerous bill threatens to make work less safe for performers. Just imagine the potential for abuse and harassment?  And the cost. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) estimates that it could cost California taxpayers millions to enforce.

Performers should have the ability to choose a condom on an adult set, as well as a host of other prevention options, but allowing anyone with a laptop to punish them for how they do their job is not a California value.

Who Opposes Prop. 60?

Prop 60 has been opposed by all major California political parties, as well as the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, the leading performer-run organization, and groups like SF AIDS Foundation, AIDS Project LA and the San Francisco Medical Society. Major papers like San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News have condemned the initiative. Even performers and producers who shoot exclusively with condoms, like Wicked Pictures, are against Prop 60.  Full list here.

We are not anti-condom, but given the problems they can cause on-set for many performers, they may not always be the best solution for preventing STIs. We believe performers should have ultimate control over their bodies and sexual health.

Why Does Prop. 60 Matter?

To you: Prop. 60 claims to be about worker safety – but it is really about creating a new private right of action. Under Prop 60, California will become the first state in the nation to allow and incentivize ANY RESIDENT to sue a worker for how they do their job, creating the potential for a lawsuit bonanza that will fill up the courts and sidestep a government agency, costing California millions.

To workers: Prop. 60 will put an already marginalized workforce at greater risk of harassment and violence, allowing any resident to gain access to workers’ legal names and home addresses through uninsurable lawsuits. For a workforce that already faces alarming rates of discrimination, stalkers, violence, and murder, this cannot stand. Adult workers have tirelessly spoken out against Prop 60., as it will compromise their safety and livelihoods. Listen to them.

Keep Workers Safe. For Real.

Why Can I Do?

  • Register to VOTE by October 24th, and VOTE NO on November 8
  • DONATE to the campaign and get others to do the same
  • Utilize your websites to spread the word. For example The Crash Pad Series  put up banners and pop ups about NoProp60
  • Integrate #NoProp60 into your media appearances. Contact any media that you may have worked with in the past and talk to them about #NoProp60. Talk about it with your friends, family, and allies.
  • If possible, get the word out to folks outside of your adult film network and tell them why it’s so important they vote No. Consider using this wonderful letter from Star Bond Media as a guide.
  • Make a short video/post about how Prop 60 could affect you: Lawsuits, harassment, experiences with stalkers, hate groups.
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What Else You Can Do To Help


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