We are the National Trade Association for the Adult Industry


Our Mission

As the national trade association to the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry, our mission is to lead, protect, and support the growth and well-being of businesses and workers in the adult industry, as well as the communities to which they belong.


Our Vision

FSC’s vision is of a world in which the international adult industry, its workers and businesses, have equal rights, protections, and freedoms under the law; and where all people are protected from exploitation, and empowered by age-appropriate sexual health education.


Code of Ethics

FSC Members adhere to the industry code of ethics that details our industry’s commitments towards our people and those we serve through a responsible, ethical approach to pleasure products and adult entertainment.


Best Practices

FSC provides access to best practices, guidance documents, webinars, a strong peer to peer network, and other resources to support industry newcomers as well as strengthen existing businesses and empower industry workers.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.


Performers should beware of a ‘scam’ modeling agent, using the pseudonym 'Richard Smüle' and perhaps others, fraudulently implying a connection to Kink.com. The bogus ‘agent’ uses a telephone number with the 336 (North Carolina) area code, and promises upwards of...

Is ‘Feminist’ Porn Getting Its #MeToo Moment? (Jezebel)

Read the full article by Tracy Clark-Flory at Jezebel.com The question of just what it means to make ethical or feminist porn does not have any single answer. “Ethical porn is whatever porn fits your personal system of values and ethics, and they are subjective,...

Report: U.K Considering New Internet Regulator (XBIZ)

Read the full article by Rhett Pardon at XBIZ.com LONDON — Buzzfeed reported today that the U.K. government is planning to establish a new internet regulating authority — similar to British communications regulator Ofcom — that would have the powers to enforce a...

New Minnesota Law Pushes Idea Porn is Linked to Sex Trafficking (YNOT)

Read the full article by Gene Zorkin at YNOT.com SAINT PAUL, Minn. – When Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed bill number SF 2554 back in May, he did so without the fanfare that so often accompanies the signing of legislation. No ribbon was cut, no press conference...

Court To FCC: Cough Up Data In Net Neutrality Fake Comment Affair (AVN)

Read the full article by Michael French at AVN.com WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission last year steamed toward a December vote at which the FCC ultimately repealed Obama-era net neutrality regulations—rules that shielded internet...

‘A Cam Life’ Documentary Focuses on the Business of Camming (XBIZ)

Read the full article by Rhett Pardon at XBIZ.com BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Get ready to delve into a documentary about the adult cam business like no other. Producers of “A Cam Life” — also the creative team behind the “After Porn Ends”series — traveled to Colombia,...

Boobs, Trees & Lingerie: Rejecting Porn-Sourced Charitable Contributions (YNOT)

Read the full article by Frederick Reese at YNOT.com Are charities open to accepting money from “controversial” businesses such as the adult industry? “Adult industry charitable donations are still taboo in some fundraising circles and not so much in others and it,...

Is It Problematic To Watch Porn? (ShortList)

Read the full article by Harvey Day at ShortList.com In 2018, anyone can now access limitless amounts porn for free on multiple devices at any time of the day. But porn is also prolific on social media sites such as Twitter and Tumblr - and also on Reddit, which has...

These Porn Categories Are Most Popular With Female Viewers, According To xHamster (Bustle)

Read the full article by Léa Rose Emery at Bustle.com Watching porn is a totally normal and healthy activity, whether you're single or in a relationship. And though it's long been considered a male-dominated interest, we shouldn't underestimate the amount of women who...

Denver’s Only Female-Owned Independent Sex Shop Opens Its Doors (XBIZ)

Read the full article by Rhett Pardon at XBIZ.com DENVER — Two childhood friends have partnered up to open Denver's only female-owned independent sex shop. Awakening Boutique, started up by Colorado natives Tory Johnson and Rose Kalasz, launched three weeks ago at the...

Production Hold Lifted

All first-generation retests have now returned negative. FSC-PASS medical professionals have determined that the production hold can be lifted, and production can resume today. Based on the testing...

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