Our Mission

As the national trade association to the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry, our mission is to lead, protect, and support the growth and well-being of businesses and workers in the adult industry, as well as the communities to which they belong.

Our Vision

FSC’s vision is of a world in which the international adult industry, its workers and businesses, have equal rights, protections, and freedoms under the law; and where all people are protected from exploitation, and empowered by age-appropriate sexual health education.


Our membership base includes representatives of every sector and almost every major company in the adult industry. Whether you are a business or an industry worker: We are not only the first line of defense in protecting your business, we’re also an incredible resource for growing and expanding it.


The FSC is made up of the leaders of the adult pleasure products and film industry, and FSC members follow the industry code of ethics. When you join the coalition, and display the “FSC approved Member” certificate on your website, it’s a signal to others that you’re a reputable, dependable business partner.


Protect your business by tapping into collective knowledge – Whether it’s our powerful PASS protocols, bloodborne pathogen plan, 2257 software, or preferential access to attorneys, tax, payroll or HR professionals, the FSC has a huge repository of knowledge and experience that can save you time and trouble.


Free Speech Coalition has the power to secure deals that an individual small business is unable to do on its own, so as an FSC member, you can get preferred pricing with payment processors, access to banks and credit unions, and numerous other ways to increase your purchasing power.

The Best Defense

As a member of the FSC, your battles become our battles. As the trade association, we have access to and regularly meet with legislators and regulators, newspaper editorial boards, medical experts and lobbyists. As a member of the FSC, you’ll be part of the most powerful and influential voice for adult in the world. We are in this battle together, but we can’t do it without you. The adult industry is facing challenges on multiple fronts, nationally and internationally. We have the ability to fight and win, as we’ve done so many times in the past, but only if we band together. United we stand, divided we fall.


FSC’s history reaches back far beyond its inception in 1991. Learn about milestones, set backs, and defining moments of the adult industry trade association.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the trade association is comprised of thirteen industry representatives. Board elections are held every year for half of the board seats.

Meet the Team

The staff of the trade association is an ever-evolving team of professionals who join the organization from within and outside of the industry. As a group with many diverse backgrounds we focus on uplifting each individual’s talents and experiences for the benefit of the industry, workers, and communities we represent.


Whether you are a business or an industry worker:
We are not only the first line of defense in protecting your business, we’re also an incredible resource for growing and expanding it.


FSC is committed to designing and
expanding programs that protect, enhance, support, and help guide businesses, industry workers, and the communities we work with and for.


The FSC represents the adult industry in legislative and regulatory processes, and educates the general population to alleviate common misconceptions, build bridges, advocate for our communities and their rights.

About the Industry

The adult industry is large, diverse, incredibly varied and has played an important role in the development of our understanding of sexuality and our rights.

Books and Research

Find a list of books and research that will help you gain a better understanding about the adult industry, its history, its workers, and its all to often neglected prowess to affect positive change in our culture and society.

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As the national trade association of the adult industry we are here as a resource not only for members of the industry, but also for the general public, researchers, and the press.

Officially founded in 1991, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is the trade association of the adult entertainment industry based in the United States.

Our organization functions as a resource, a leader, and a tool for the communities that we serve. We take pride in fighting to alleviate the social stigma, misinformation, and discriminatory policies that affect those who work in and adjacent to the adult industry.

For more than twenty five years we have been fighting and winning impossible battles, from the Supreme Court to the ballot box and back again. Our industry is almost constantly facing scrutiny and attacks, but we have seen firsthand that when we come together and fight, we win.

Our industry is home to some of the world’s greatest innovators and thought leaders–much of the technology currently used to experience the Internet via streaming video content, subscription pay sites, and on demand downloads were pioneered by the adult industry years before Netflix and Hulu.

Though the adult industry is often used as a scapegoat for society’s ills, our industry is made of workers who deserve the same liberties, freedoms, and opportunities as any other worker or business owner in this country. Despite the stigma we face as an industry, our resilient and powerful communities have been able to survive and thrive even in the face of discrimination and harassment.

When we harness that power, and aim it toward a common goal, we’ve shown we can succeed.

From programs like the Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) and the Performer Subsidy fund, which enable adult film performers to work safely while maintaining medical privacy and mitigating costs, to the David vs. Goliath battle we successfully waged to defeat California Proposition 60, the FSC has been, and continues to be the foremost organization fighting for the rights of adult industry workers, and we plan to continue doing so in perpetuity, until our industry is given the rights and respect it has been historically denied.