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Officially founded in 1991, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is the trade association of the adult entertainment industry based in the United States.

The association’s roots date back to March 1968, to an early convention held at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, in Los Angeles. The association’s first iteration grew out of a national group called the Adult Film Association of America (AFAA) , made up mostly of theater owners. But with the advent of inexpensive home video, the AFAA morphed into the Adult Film and Video Association of America (AFVAA).

By 1987, the AFVAA leadership included industry legends like David Friedman, director Ron Sullivan and performer/publisher Gloria Leonard, among others.

The same year, an event defined the group as a true industry trade organization and galvanized its members – the arrest of adult producer Hal Freeman for pandering. Prosecutors charged that paying performers to have sex on film was prostitution. But Freeman took the fight to the California Supreme Court and won, opening the doors to making porn production legal in California and establishing the need for an organized group to advocate for adult.

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