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MEXICO, DF—Mexican authorities have released an official statement regarding the death of adult performer Bill Bailey at a hotel in the Iztacalco neighborhood Mexico City last Sunday night, following his and partner AJ Applegate’s appearance at Expo Sexo 2019.

The statement was issued on Monday and personnel of the Procuradoría General de Justicia for Mexico City (the local DA office in charge of the investigation) have confirmed that, as of Tuesday morning, it is the only officially corroborated version of the events that resulted in Bailey’s death.

While several Mexican and international publications (including some UK tabloids) are misreporting an alleged altercation immediately before Bailey’s fall from the 4th floor of the Hotel Grand Prix, the official statement does not mention any such incident.

The official statement is:

Informational Card
(Investigating the death by fall of a man in Iztacalco)

The Procuraduria General de Justicia of Mexico City is carrying out the due-diligence proceedings to clarify the death of a man, occurred in a hotel in the borough of Iztacalgo.

According to the data gathered at the moment [3/4/2019], yesterday at approximately 10:45 p.m., the victim, a U.S. national, suffered a fall inside a hotel located at Rio Churubusco Ave., Colonias Granjas, Mexico.

Emergency services arrived at the site where they confirmed that he had died as a result from the impact. The companions of the deceased stated that they had consumed alcoholic beverages moments before the mishap.

Personnel of the Coordinacion General de Servicios Periciales [Forensic Team] took the body to the “anfiteatro ministerial” [Medical Examiner/Coroner’s] and gathered evidence to include in the record.

Investigations continue to determine liability.

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