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AVN Hall of Famer hospitalized with broken neck.

LOS ANGELES—AVN Hall of Fame performer Dale DaBone suffered a broken neck in a freak swimming pool accident—and now a GoFundMe campaign is underway to assist the retired star with his mounting medical expenses.

Doctors says that DaBone, who bowed out of performing in 2011, is lucky to be alive and not paralyzed after he fractured multiple bones in his neck on August 3 when he jumped into the shallow end of his pool with his dog.

“I was playing with my dog in the pool and she likes to jump in with me so we always jump in together,” DaBone told AVN from his hospital bed at Orlando Regional in Orlando, Fla. “Well this time when we jumped she kind of undercut my legs and flipped me in the air upside down and I landed directly on top of my head in the shallow end—4 feet of water. The doctors all said I should be dead right now.”

DaBone, who has no medical insurance, got out of the pool on his own that day but had a big gash on the top of his head that was bleeding.

“Your [porn] career always ends and you better have a plan because the real world is not accepting of ex-porn stars,” he said. “I went to bartending school; I tried ocean rescue; I went to nursing school; I did sales training; and then tactical weapons training. Finally, the world of prison transport and federal money transport doesn’t seem to care about my porn. Now I finally think I am seeing the light at the end of tunnel and then this happened.”

To donate to DaBone’s GoFundMe campaign, click here; to donate on Facebook, click here.