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CYBERSPACE — Halloween is behind us and we’re moving into the cornucopian glory of November, the month renowned for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and, among a small-but-vocal internet cult with utterly unscientific notions of the relationship between semen retention and personal success, #NoNutNovember.

#NoNutNovember is the pumpkin-spiced, seasonal relative of #NoFap, which is a supposedly secular recruiting tool for the most definitely religiously motivated Anti-Porn movement. The Anti-Porn movement is waging a well-funded all-fronts War on Porn, attempting to get porn classified as “a public health crisis,” to spread the made-up notion of “sexual addiction,” and to equate the entire adult entertainment industry with human trafficking and sexual abuse.

The shared goal of avoiding all ejaculation, particularly solitary masturbation, for the entire month of November arose, naturally, among the pack-mentality-oriented subcultures of masculinist subreddits.

The ridiculous idea that retaining all the semen produced by the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles and then stored in a man’s balls has a magical effect on enhanced focus, partner-attraction, “mojo,” etc. has been widely debunked. Increased irritability, either physically or psychological, seems to correlate with deliberate avoiding masturbation regardless of desire.