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CYBERSPACE — Try this little experiment: open a new Google browser. Ready? Now type the word “porn” (we know you’ve done this before, it’s okay).

If you are in the United States, Canada or parts of Europe, there is a very good chance the top hit will be a site called Depending on your location, might be ranked number-two or -three on Google, but it will definitely be up there, often topping the tube site with the biggest worldwide brand recognition, Pornhub, and its main competitors, XVideos and xHamster.

While Pornhub is perceived as having brand dominance in North America, XVideos is a traffic juggernaut worldwide and xHamster’s stat reports are everywhere, many people, including many adult industry insiders, seem not to be aware of

Topping Pornhub and the other big players in the adult site market is proof of some extremely serious SEO game, and it is surprising (and impressive) that the Dutch company behind — and other similar, bare-bones sites — has managed to fly under the radar for so long.