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Philadelphia, PA – HotMovies is pleased to announce the debut of its state-of-the-art facial recognition tool.

The tool works like this: Just plug a picture into the search, and the HotMovies algorithm will find a porn doppelganger from its database. The face matching software will accept uploaded photos or images linked directly from the internet.

Ahead of the Democratic Primary debates, HotMovies took to Twitter with the results of plugging in the Democratic nominees. A photo of Senator Kamala Harris resulted in a porn twin of former star Nikki Fairchild. Pete Buttegeig’s doppelganger is the ultra-hung gay star Ben Andrews. You can see these results and more in the thread embedded below.

HotMovies showcased a few actors’ match-ups, as well. A Margot Robbie image yielded the bombshell Zoe Wood. Keanu Reeves matched up with beefcake Shay Michaels.


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