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VANCOUVER, BC – Stating that “sex workers are facing a bigger problem from the (COVID-19) pandemic than almost any other group,” in a release issued Thursday Utherverse Digital touted its Red Light Center virtual world as a safe environment in which sex workers can still ply their trade.

“Not only is the entire sex business is built around physical closeness, but most sex workers are not typical employees, and they’re rightly concerned that they won’t be able to receive unemployment even as their clients and revenue have disappeared almost overnight,” Utherverse added in its release.

Just as videoconferencing software is being employed in other sectors to hold meetings and collaborative work that can’t be done in more traditional ways while practicing social distancing or self-quarantine, Utherverse sees virtual reality environments like Red Light Center as a means for sex workers to carry on their work – after a fashion, at least.

“Technology is offering a futuristic solution in the form of Red Light Center’s WG Directory, an online virtual reality sex work directory that allows Working Girls and Guys to promote satisfying live virtual encounters to their clients,” the company said in its release. “While some may find it distasteful to think about prostitutes, strippers and escorts in a crisis, it is vitally important that all people take care of themselves and take precaution not to spread COVID-19 around. If sex workers are unable to pay their bills, many will be forced to engage in very risky behavior just to survive – behavior that involves a lot of very close physical contact.”