Performer Availability Screening Services

FSC Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) provides guidelines and services for the adult production industry designed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment of performers and adult film professionals. The program includes:

  • A series of nationwide testing sites providing low cost, high-quality testing in a timely manner
  • Performers have electronic access to testing results directly from labs
  • Variety of medical providers for treatment of performers in need of medical follow-up
  • Consistent standards and guidelines for testing and treatment of adult performers
  • A secure database that ensures performer privacy and protects producer liability
  • Protocol for performer support in the event of a positive HIV test result, including funding for testing of 1st and 2nd generation partners.

The PASS program was developed by industry stakeholders, compliance experts, doctors and attorneys, to uphold performer testing protocols and industry standards for self-regulation.

FSC also operates the Performer Subsidy Fund (PSF) to help subsidize up to three industry standard compliant tests (see PASS) per month.

PASS Partner Clinics

Health Advisories

Adult Industry COVID-19 Production Warning

Adult film production hubs are seeing a renewed and unprecedented risk for transmission of COVID-19.  Yesterday morning, the Los Angeles County health department called the rise in transmission ‘alarming,’ and estimated that 1 in 140 residents carries the virus and...

Updated FAQ for FSC PASS

Dear Community, Since the release of the production guidelines and COVID-19 testing recommendations last week, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about whether they are mandatory or not, and how they should be implemented. The return to production has been further...

TTS Withdraws From the FSC PASS System

Talent Testing Services (TTS) has withdrawn from the FSC PASS system. TTS has refused to send test results to PASS, in objection to PASS policies that allow performers and crew to test for COVID-19 at locations other than PASS-certified labs, such as TTS.  TTS is no...

Announcing the COVID-19 Guidelines

FSC’s Preliminary Health and Safety Guidelines for Adult Film Production Are Now Available Since late April, the FSC COVID-19 Task Force has met twice a week — as well as spoken with advisory groups of producers, performers, and medical experts — to discuss benchmarks...

FAQ for COVID-19 Modifications to PASS

Is PASS Panel clearance the same as COVID-19 clearance? No. We’ve included a new field, separate from the PASS Panel clearance, titled “Last Neg. COVID-19 Result”. This field shows the date of the last non-reactive COVID-19 test results, and the number of days since...

FSC COVID-19 Task Force Update

Update 6/5/2020: FSC COVID-19 Task Force Since late April, the FSC COVID-19 Task Force has met twice a week — as well as spoken with advisory groups of producers, performers, and medical experts — to discuss benchmarks for lifting the production hold and developing...


FSC: COVID-19 TESTS NOT YET EFFECTIVE FOR PASS COVID-19 tests are not effective in guarding against on-set transmission of the coronavirus, and should not be used to determine on-set risk to talent and crew. The production hold called by FSC in March remains in effect...


Performers should be aware of a ‘scam’ producer fraudulently implying a connection to The bogus ‘producer’ uses a telephone number with an 818 area code and says he’s been working with Kink as a freelance producer since the shutdown of the Armory. Any...

Update on Current Production Hold

3/25/2020 Update on Current Production Hold We are lifting the mandatory production hold related to use of non-standard testing protocols by THL. There were no positive tests for either syphilis or HIV. However, the voluntary production hold related to coronavirus...