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Free Speech Coalition, the national trade organization for the adult industries, has secured another major legal victory in the battle over the controversial record-keeping regulations, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2257 and 2257A.

For the time being, adult producers should remain compliant with 2257, as the government will likely appeal. However, if there is no appeal, or if the appeal is denied, this ruling will stand.

“We have been fighting this battle since 2005, at more than $1M in legal costs,” says Jeffrey Douglas, Board Chair of Free Speech Coalition. “However great the cost, I can think of no greater argument for supporting a trade organization such as ours. This complex and morality-based regulation has been costing our industry untold millions, and exposed adult producers, performers, affiliates, press and others to broad and biased prosecution by the Federal government.”

“This historic decision represents a tremendous victory for our Coalition, and sets an important precedent for free speech in general,” says Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition. “Our Board, and my predecessor, Diane Duke, first challenged these regulations nearly 14 years ago, arguing that they accomplish no tangible goals in the fight against child pornography, while unnecessarily putting legitimate producers in legal jeopardy. I thank our Board, our legal teams, and those who came before for the foresight and courage to fight back.”

Free Speech Coalition is waiting to determine if the Justice Department will appeal this decision. In the meantime, producers are encouraged to continue to maintain records according to 2257.

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