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LONG BEACH, Calif.—In a decision released today by the California Labor Commissioner, adult actress Nadya Nabakova (who has since renamed herself Bunny Colby) has prevailed in her claims against talent agency Direct Models Inc. (often referred to as “LA Direct” or “LA Direct Models”) and its owner, Derek Hay, regarding Nabakova’s complaints of being forced to work under unsafe conditions while under contract to the agency, of having her earnings improperly withheld by the agency, and of being improperly charged for items by the agency which it did not have the legal right to collect.

“We are very pleased with this outcome,” said Courtney L. Puritsky, Nabakova’s attorney.

Upon learning of the verdict, Nabakova commented, “I’m very happy with the outcome. It reads like the Labor Commissioner was very pissed off at him [Derek]. The whole situation is hilarious in a very fucked up way. What really struck me is, they did mention a lot about how Derek said ‘I have years of experience’ and this and that, and parts of what I read said basically, ‘He should know better. This guy is fucking up, and if he’s fucking up in this situation, he’s probably fucking up a lot.”